Currently we have number of built in strategies listed below. Each strategy is designed to bet in certain Betfair markets, for example, Match Stakes and Green Up are made for ‘Match Odds’ markets. Click on the links to see full descriptions.

Match stakes

Lay The Draw

Green Up

Correct Score Stakes

Over/Under Stakes

All strategies share a Bank that you can set for your system and can run in simulation or real money mode. Selections and football matches can be added on Load Bets tab. If you switch between strategies when matches already added to the bot, it will reset your selections (e.g. Home or Away) because every strategy might have it’s own list of selections, e.g. 0-0 for Correct Score Stakes and Home, Away, The Draw for Match Stakes.

After editing strategy’s parameters press ‘Save changes’ button. You can reset all parameters to defaults by pressing ‘Reset’ button.