Green Up

Green Up strategy aims to profit from volatility during the match. For example, you may back a favourite and if it scores a quick goal the price will drop low enough to place a lay bet and record guaranteed profit. The strategy is placing bets in Match Odds markets and you can choose to play Home, Away or The Draw selection.


The strategy allows you to bet choose a fixed amount or back % for your first bet. Also you can choose if ‘First bet‘ is going to be Back or Lay. ‘Time to place first bet‘ is time in seconds before the kick off. It can be negative to place first bet after the kick off.

After first bet is placed you can trigger the greening up bet either by ‘Min ROI’ or ‘Min price gain’.

Min ROI‘ defines desired return on investments. For example, if your 1st bet was £20 and Min ROI is 10%, the bot will fire 2nd bet only if potential profit (taking into account prices and covering of the 1st bet loss) is at least 10% of £20, i.e. £2.

Min price gain‘ is % difference in prices required to trigger the greening up bet. For example, if you had a back bet at 3.00 and price dropped down to 2.40, it is (3.00 – 2.40) / 3.00 = 20% difference.

If ‘Green up option‘ is set ‘Equal’ then second bet will be calculated so that regardless of the match outcome you win same amount. Downside of this option is lower profit comparing to other two.
If ‘Green up option’ is set ‘To Win’ then you maximise your winnings if your selection wins. Otherwise you win nothing but lose nothing too.
If ‘Green up option’ is set ‘To Lose’ you maximise your winnings if your selection losses. Otherwise you win nothing.

Exit price drop‘ allows you to place an ‘exit bet’ to stop loss if the price moves not in your favour by certain %.