Lay The Draw

Lay The Draw strategy aims to profit by laying low and then backing high the draw. It is placing bets in Match Odds market, always on The Draw selection (even if you select different option for the match).


First it lays The Draw at the specified ‘Time to place lay bet‘ time (seconds before the match start). Then it waits for any goal to be scored after which The Draw price significantly increases making an opportunity to profit placing back bet. You control how to calculate the back bet.

If ‘Green up option‘ is set ‘Equal’ then back stake will be calculated so that regardless of the match outcome you win same amount. Downside of this option is lower profit comparing to other two.
If ‘Green up option’ is set ‘To Win’ then you maximise your winnings if the match ends with draw. Otherwise (if any team wins) you win nothing but lose nothing too.
If ‘Green up option’ is set ‘To Lose’ you maximise your winnings if one of the teams wins. If the match ends with draw, your P/L from the lay and back bets will be 0.

Sometimes even when a goal is scored, the back-lay bets price difference might not be big enough to make it worth trading out. Therefore we have ‘Min price gain‘ option which should be at least 10, but you can increase it if you wish.

Back bet delay‘ can be set to wait a short time after a goal is scored before firing back bet. It is worth to wait 20-90 seconds because right after the goal backing price might not be the best because everyone make their bets affecting money in the market. I would advise to use any random number up to 90 seconds.

In case if the game goes not in your favour and goal is not scored you might want to accept losses before it’s too late placing an ‘exit bet’. It also fires a back bet but at lower odds than your lay bet, so you will record a loss, however it will be lower than what you would lose if the game ends with the draw. You can trigger the exit bet either by ‘Exit price drop‘ % or by ‘Exit match minute‘ (minutes played without time break or extra minutes).