Key features

Betting systems

Every account has three separate betting systems (System1, System2 and System3). Although they all share same Betfair account, all other settings are independent. Therefore one system can bet, say on Match Odds markets, other on Over/Under markets and use different options. You can rename systems on Profile page.


Each betting system can run one of strategies available in the bot. Examples of strategies: Lay The Draw, Green Up, Stakes. Every strategy has it’s own set of options and it controls how and when bets are placed. For example, Stakes strategy fires only one bet per game with a fixed stake. Green Up strategy fires two bets (back and lay) trying to get advantage of price movements. Detailed information is available on the Strategies help page.

Small bets

In the bot it is possible to place bets below Betfair minimum bet size (£2). However we recommend to place only normal bets above £2 because placing small bets takes more web requests and therefore more time. Especially it is critical when betting inplay because Betfair adds 1 second artificial delay for every request, increasing the whole time to several seconds. Because of this and price volatility your bet can get matched at different price than expected. Please take that into account.


Simulation mode is used to test different strategies and betting conditions without placing real bets. We highly recommend to start with this mode before you are sure you understand how the bot works. All features work similarly in Simulation and Real modes.