Settings tab has a number of options to control your bot.



Min and max price set limits for the bet price.

Max spread is maximum number of Betfair increments allowed between Back and Lay price. For example, between 5.00 and 5.50 there are 5 increments because 1 increment is equal 0.1 in this price range. It is a useful option to avoid betting in markets with no support or when price volatility is too high.

Min market matched is limit of total matched volume in the market in pounds £.

Apply price limit for first bet only is useful when you run such strategies as Lay The Draw or Green Up where you wish to check the price only for your first bet and second (trading) bet should be based on other conditions like price change, goals, etc. If you leave this box unticked, your trading or stop loss bet must also fall into the min/max price limits.


Stop betting


You can trigger stop betting when your day P/L reaches certain profit or loss.

Autostart betting


Allows to start betting at certain time.



If enabled, the bot will fire bets only certain number of goals is scored either by Home team, Away team, team of your bet or both teams together (choose in ‘Team‘ box). If ‘Count as goal difference’ is ticked the bot checks the difference in goals between selected team and the other team, e.g. if current score is 1-0 and Team = Home, the difference is 1. If the score was 0-1 the difference would be -1.