FootyBotPro is a web based bot that does not require installation or keeping your computer on to place bets. It can be accessed on any device including mobile phones. Bets can be placed on football events including all countries and leagues available on Betfair. Of course you will need Betfair account, because all bets are placed on Betfair.

What the bot CAN do

  • place back & lay bets on your behalf;
  • trade (green up) bets placing an opposite bet in certain conditions;
  • stop betting at certain profit or loss;
  • use betting conditions to fire bets;
  • follow your betting strategy;

What the bot CAN'T do

  • invent a winning betting strategy;
  • automatically find bets to win;
  • predict price movements;

The bot is a comprehensive betting tool with many options, but should not be considered as ‘all-in-one’ money making machine.

Basic information

Normally the whole process of setting up consists of the following steps.

  1. Entering your bank and choosing a betting mode (simulation or real money).
  2. Selecting and setting up a betting strategy.
  3. Setting up required betting conditions (e.g. stop loss, stop profit) and other settings.
  4. Loading selections. This can be done by filtering required markets or importing from CSV.
  5. Clicking ‘Activate betting’ button.

If you make selections manually each day you need to repeat only step 4. If your betting strategy is based on predefined selections, for example Home team, you can complete above steps just once and let the bot reload daily selections automatically.

Account inactivity

Please note that if no bets are placed 15 days in the row, your account will be considered inactive and might be closed to empty a slot for new users.